Music of Death Blues
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Daiyu Wu Mysteries
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Gloria Oliver

Unveiling the Fantastic

About Me

Gloria Oliver lives in Texas, staying away from rolling tumbleweeds while bowing to the never-ending wishes of her feline and canine masters. Her previous works have been fantasy, science fiction, urban fantasy, and young adult fantasy novels. Several contain romantic and mystery elements. Her short speculative fiction stories can be found in many anthologies, covering things from the fantastic and strange to a Bubba Apocalypse. She has two series currently active - The Daiyu Wu Mysteries and The Discoveries of Julia Xero. The first are historical cozy mysteries, while the second are urban fantasy thrillers. Gloria is a member in good standing of BroadUniverse though she has yet to make the list for Cat Slaves R Us. In her spare time (what's that?), she watches TV shows, movies, anime, plays PC games, and reads books. For some free reads, sample chapters, appearance schedule, and more information on her and her works, please drop by and visit her at or subscribe at to get news, deals, releases, and a free gift for joining!

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