"Willing Sacrifice"

by Gloria Oliver

Her destiny is clear. When outsiders claim a shocking falsehood, will the truth save her realm or send it to its doom?
A fantasy romance adventure exploring truth and all its facets
# Fantasy
# Romance
# Demons
# Magic
# Young Adult
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La’tiera is fully at peace with her purpose. Living in isolation and marked at birth by the gods to defend the land from darkness, the honorable young woman dutifully waits to sacrifice herself to demons when the time comes. But her intended fate hangs in the balance when she’s kidnapped by strangers who insist they offer protection. Unable to accept that her beloved guardian lied, the curious girl is still glad for the opportunity to see and explore more of the world. And when her people come hunting, La’tiera faces a terrible decision on whom to believe – the man she grew up with, or the kindhearted abductors desperately trying to keep her alive. With the future resting in her hands, will this uncertain hero choose correctly? Willing Sacrifice is a compelling YA fantasy novel. If you like strong female characters, page-turning suspense, and tough moral questions, then you’ll love Gloria Oliver’s breathtaking conundrum.