"The Secret Humankind - An Urban Fantasy Thriller"

by Gloria Oliver

She keeps her head down and cleans up messes. When the body count starts rising, will trying to make a living get her flushed?
Book 1 of the Discoveries of Julia Xero
# Urban Fantasy
# Thriller
# Supernatural
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Julia Xero is stuck in survival mode. After losing the only person she loved, the introverted orphan longs to escape her toxic employment for the zen of crime and trauma scene decontamination. But when she lands her dream job and is called to a bloody rooftop with a decapitated corpse, she’s horrified to come face to face with an otherworldly shark-toothed assassin. Furious to learn she’s been enlisted by a clandestine race of beings against her will, Julia’s dismay fountains when she finds out they implanted her with a neck bomb to ensure her lips stay tightly sealed. Fit to be tied, and her thunderous confrontation with her boss hitting a deadend, the stubborn young woman begins plotting ways to leave the energy-powered entities in her dust. Can she outwit an ancient civilization before her carotid goes boom? The Secret Humankind is the gritty first book in The Discoveries of Julia Xero urban fantasy thriller series. If you like fish-out-of-water heroines, complex worlds, and dark truths, then you’ll love Gloria Oliver’s multi-faceted mystery. Listen The Secret Humankind to match wits with monsters today!